Wine Club

Joining our wine club, Team Hoage, is the only way to guarantee access to the new releases of our limited production wines.

During the annual release, Team Hoage members are given a two-week period to customize their order. If you prefer instead to receive a standard assortment of our wines upon release, please select the Winemakers Club 6 or 12-bottle option. Click on the links below for more information about each wine club.


Winemakers Club 6

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Winemaker's Selection of 6 bottles from the Fall Release

Team Hoage

  • Team Hoage California


    Customizable Shipment of 6+ Bottles Annually from the Fall Release.  10% discount on wine purchases.  *This club is limited to residents of California.

  • Team Hoage


    Customizable Shipment of 6+ Bottles Annually from our Fall Release. *Inclusive shipping on six bottles for our out of state members

Winemakers Club 12

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Assortment of 12 Winemaker-Selected Red Wines Annually

Scout Team

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Winemaker Selection of 3 bottles, twice per year, Spring and Fall.

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